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Have you heard? Crop nightmares are gone!

Our handy dandy party organizers will keep you on track every step of the way! Every party comes complete with all five party organizers: the Party Planner, the Guest List Planner, the Party Navigator, the Menu Planner, and last but certainly not least, the Party Supply List. Print the organizers and place them on a clipboard or in a notebook. The organizers will act as your command center guiding you through every decision and will ensure that your party planning is frenzy-free!

The party planner is our most important organizer. With the help of its detailed checklist and timeline, you’ll be relaxed and ready for fun on crop night, instead of feeling harried and exhausted. Don’t host a party without it!

Use the Guest List Planner to keep track of important information like guests’ phone numbers, addresses, RSVP’s and special assignments. Instead of digging through the caverns of your purse to find that phone number you wrote on the back of your grocery receipt, you can simply look on your planner.

The navigator is your map for crop night. It will help you fit all your fun activities into your allotted cropping time. It will also prevent you from having post crop panic moments thinking, “Oh no, I forgot to serve the cheesecake!”

Use the menu planner to keep track of the tasty foods you’ll be serving, recipes, and assignments. Record on the planner any edible items you need to purchase for your crop.

Write all the non-edible items you need to locate, borrow, or purchase on the Party Supply List. Each themed party plan has a master supply list that you can use as a guide. Simply adjust the list to fit your specific needs.